10 Literacy Support Organisations in Melbourne [2022]

Getting a child to learn how to read and write can be challenging. However, there is no need to worry. If you are looking for literacy support in Melbourne, you have come to the right place.

There are many organisations that can provide early literacy support groups in Melbourne, they provide support and training to children with literacy problems, especially due to dyslexia. Some offer one-on-one assistance, while others focus on a wide range of children. This guide provides information about 10 of the best literacy support services in Melbourne.

Also, if you need to arrange an initial reading and writing assessment, you can check out this link.

Better Multisensory Learning

Better Multisensory learning provides assessments and programs to assist students with literacy, numeracy, reading comprehension, writing structures, and preparing for high school and exams in preparation for their future.

Their teaching strategies are flexible and individualised and their teaching plans are based on continuous assessment of the individual’s abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

Location: Level 1, 279 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North, Melbourne Victoria.
Website: bettermultisensorylearning.com.au
Phone: 0468 302 808
Email: bettermsl@gmail.com

The Dyslexia Hub

Bringing together a multidisciplinary team of dyslexia experts – specialist teachers, speech pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists & counsellors. The Dyslexia Hub exists to support, empower and connect individuals with dyslexia and other learning differences.

The Dyslexia Hub do things a little differently. As advocates of inclusion and diversity, they appreciate that one size does not fit all. This applies equally to everyone – even the members of their team! So whilst they have come together as professionals to collaborate, share their knowledge & expertise, and fight for a common cause, they all still operate as private practitioners.

Location: Rear 38-40 Main Street Greensborough VIC 3088
Website: thedyslexiahub.com.au
Contact: thedyslexiahub.com.au/contact

Tutor teaching phonic
Systematic synthetic phonics teaching

Sally Teach

Sally Teach provide support in reading, writing and spelling to children who find learning difficult. She believes that all children will succeed in learning to read, write and spell when they’re given a supportive environment. She makes sure that her students feel good about their learning and good about themselves.

If your child has a diagnosed learning difficulty such as Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, ADD or ADHD or just needs to catch up to others in their class, Sally Teach can create an individualised program for your child.

Location: 7A Noel St, Brighton East VIC 3187, Australia
Website: sallyteach.com.au
Phone: 0434 985 986
Email: sally@sallyteach.com.au

Bridges Multisensory Learning Centre

Their teachers are fully-trained in helping children and adults improve their language and learning skills through the Orton-Gillingham methodology.

Orton-Gillingham’s methodology is based on creating a multi-sensory learning environment, using kinesthetic (movement), auditory (hearing) and visual (sight). The approach allows information to reach the brain through multiple avenues simultaneously, making it easier for students to grasp new concepts and retain information.

With over 20 years of teaching experience and countless hours of training to help children with learning differences, the team at Bridges Multisensory Learning Centre could be a great place to support your child.

Location: 188 Springfield Rd. Blackburn, Victoria, Australia
Website: bridgesmultisensory.com.au
Phone: 0450 250 266
Email: info@bridgesmultisensory.com.au

Essential Learning and Tutoring

Jennifer is a registered primary school teacher who has worked closely with dyslexic children, teens, and adults over the past 30 years.

She has taught in and held many positions of leadership at all levels in the Primary school system, from Prep to grade six. Jennifer has been operating a specialised tutoring business on the Mornington Peninsula for the past 25+ years working with clients from ages 6 to 86.

Location: 9 Raysun Ct, Mornington VIC 3931
Website: essentiallearningandtutoring.com.au
Phone: 0437 717 751
Email: essential.learning@bigpond.com

Lumi Learning

Alexandria, owner of Lumi Learning is an educational consultant and dyslexia therapist, providing intervention and reading support. She has training in the Orton-Gillingham method for Multisensory Structured Learning. Alexandria is experienced in working with children from diverse backgrounds with a variety of learning needs.

They are a mobile service in the eastern suburbs and visit schools and kindergartens to provide services.

Location: 9 Raysun Ct, Mornington VIC 3931
Website: lumilearningedco.weebly.com
Phone: 0490 525 141
Email: lumilearningedco@gmail.com


Joy Multisensory Learning provides individualised literacy support services for children. They specialise in evidence-based multi-sensory approaches, to teach reading, writing and spelling skills.

Rachel, has a Bachelor of Education, has undertaken training in the Multi-sensory Structured Language (MSL) approach as well as being trained in The Sonday System, an Orton-Gillingham based program. Rachel is registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching and the Australian Tutoring Association.

Location: Boronia Victoria 3155
Website: joymsl.com.au
Phone: 0408 589 356
Email: joymslteam@gmail.com

Little Voices Speech Pathology

Little Voices Speech Pathology specialise in supporting the language and literacy development of all children.

Elise is a Paediatric Speech Pathologist with over 20 years’ experience working with children of all ages. She established Little Voices Speech Pathology in 2005. Elise specialises in working with families and schools in the area of school-aged language and literacy development.

Location: Rear 38/40 Main St, Greensborough VIC 3088
Website: littlevoices.net.au
Phone: 0467 647 255
Email: elise@littlevoices.net.au


Spelfabet aims to help you teach beginners and strugglers about sounds and spellings using explicit, systematic synthetic phonics, giving them a solid foundation on which to build their fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and written expression.

Alison has been a Speech Pathologist since 1988, and also holds a Masters in Applied Linguistics and an ESL teaching certificate.

This is our favourite literacy support in Melbourne.

Location: Suite 3, 430 Rae St, North Fitzroy, 3068, Victoria, Australia
Website: spelfabet.com.au
Phone:  (03) 8528 0138
Email:  info@spelfabet.com.au

Learner Assist

Learner Assist promotes the use of evidence-based teaching practices such as Direct Instruction; the explicit, sequentially structured teaching of synthetic phonics (Sounds Write trained and certified) and  MSL (multi-sensory structured language education). 

The tutors at Learner Assist are a VIT registered teacher with post graduate university qualifications with a significant learning disability component.

Location: 55 Castleton Rd, Viewbank VIC 3084
Website: learnerassist.com.au
Phone:  0423 167 699
Email: learnerassist851@gmail.com

Getting your literacy up is not just about reading more books

Literacy is not about just reading. It’s about being able to write, speak and listen too. Literacy is a much bigger concept than just knowing how to read a book.

With literacy, you need to be able to use language effectively and accurately in written and spoken forms. You also need grammar skills so that you can communicate well with others using language appropriately for different occasions and contexts.


Hopefully, this article has given you a few ideas about how to improve your child’s literacy. If you’re looking for more information, there are plenty of resources online that can help out. If you are after an initial assessment for your child, learn how Dystech can support you.