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Online assessments for fluency, phonics, phonological awareness, likelihood of dyslexia and personalised recommendations using AI.

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Who is Dystech for?

Dystech is an assessment tool that professionals who work with students aged five (5) and above can use. It’s widely used by speech therapists, teachers, and tutors globally.

Dystech is for student aged 5 years and above.

Reading Assessments

Dystech provides online in-person or remote assessment for a wide varieties of reading concepts such as phonic, fluency and much more.

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Leverage Dystutor, your AI assistant to generate instant recommendations and lesson plans based on last assessment results.

Dystech allow educator to generate personalised reading recommendation for students.

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All your assessments, under one roof.

Phonological Awareness

Assess the ability to recognize and manipulate the spoken parts of sentences and words.

Word Reading Assessment

Phonetic decoding, reading fluency, and more all combined into one simple assessment.

Online Dyslexia Screening

Obtain the likelihood of Dyslexia, in a comprehensive report for you to share with anyone.

Phonic Assessment

Automatically assess  the most common phonic concepts within the English

Dystutor 🪄

Our AI assistant provides personalised recommendations based on assessment results.

Dyscover online reading assessment

No more manual report grading.

No more time spent on collating assessment results. Gain instant reporting immediately after administering an assessment.

Take a data-driven approach to your literacy interventions.

Dystech progress monitoring

Normed, with seamless progress monitoring.

Dystech addresses the challenges faced by literacy professionals and speech pathologists in effectively monitoring their students reading progress.

Leverage our real-time monitoring system that generates standardised, normed results, allowing you to track & share tangible reading progress.

Dystech progress monitoring
Online remote reading assessment

Assess anytime, in-person or remote.​

Assess your students remotely, empowering you to support even the most remote students through a reliable environment.

Dyscover remote reading assessment

Built by educators, for educators.

Detailed reports

Comprehensive reports, including descriptions and materials for each measurement, each time you assess.

Team management

Designate organisation administrators who can remove and manage members and their roles.

Track student progress

No more manual scoring. Automatically track your students’ performance over time.

Collaborate with your team

Invite your team members and assign students to them.

Data security

Easily export or delete data from Dystech. Your data is secured and backed up on separate servers in Australia.

Share reports

Easily share student reading reports with anyone.

Frequently asked questions

What is Dystech?

Dystech is an online platform that offers a variety of reading assessments including fluency, phonological awareness, likelihood of dyslexia, and much more. These assessments are powered by artificial intelligence and are available for free.

What kind of assessments does Dystech offer?

Dystech offers assessments for Phonological Awareness, Word Reading, Dyslexia Screening, and Phonic Assessment. There is also a feature called Dystutor, which is an AI assistant that provides personalised recommendations based on assessment results.

How does Dystech simplify the grading process?

Dystech provides automatic grading for assessments, eliminating the need for manually reporting the grades. This allows for instant reporting immediately after an assessment is administered and enables a data-driven approach to literacy interventions.

Can Dystech help monitor student progress?

Yes, Dystech has a seamless progress monitoring system that generates standardised, normed results. This real-time monitoring system helps literacy professionals and speech pathologists in effectively tracking their students’ reading progress.