Easily assess and track reading performance

An evidence-based online literacy measurement platform and dyslexia screening tool powered by artificial intelligence.

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Administer our 10-minute online reading assessment.

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Identify areas of difficulty immediately upon completion.

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Use the findings to plan your course of action.

Supporting literacy professionals

The new way to assess reading performance

Dyscover, Dystech’s new literacy platform, replaces 2 hours per student of traditional paper-based assessments with our 10 minute online reading assessment.

By freeing up precious teaching and intervention time for you and your staff, it allows for more support at the point of need.

Normalised, automatic and accurate measurements

Dyscover’s norm is based on thousands of data points collected from over 2,500 individuals with and without dyslexia. Use Dyscover with any English speaking student who is aged 6 or above.


Word Reading Fluency


Reading Accuracy


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Phonetic Decoding Fluency


Dyscreen Dyslexia Screener

Made for literacy professionals

Dyscover was developed with literacy professionals in mind and easily facilitates communication, increases the effectiveness of intervention, and makes administrative tasks simpler.

Track student progress

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Detailed reports

Designed for children and adults

From 6 years of age

Dyscover is relevant for children and adults above the age of 6.

No accent barrier

Dyscover works with any English accent.

no credit card required
*Our Dyscreen dyslexia screener score will only be given to students 8+ years of age and those students who are native English speakers.

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Research and evidence

Our technology has been developed using artificial intelligence.

An important attribute of any assessment is psychometric reliability and validity. We have years of data that establish the assessment’s reliability and validity and demonstrate the accuracy and stability of the results.

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Dyscover, Dystech’s literacy platform is supporting allied health professionals and teachers around the world to support thousands of students.

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