Dystutor: AI reading assistant 🪄

Generate personalised recommendations based on results from Dystech’s reading assessments.

From one-size-fits-all to individualised learning

Leveraging sophisticated AI technology from OpenAI, Dystutor formulates personalised suggestions that consider not only each student’s reading prowess but also their age. Welcome to the future of reading interventions, where every instruction is as unique as the student it’s designed for. Elevate your teaching with Dystutor, where customisation meets education.

Dystutor personalised recommendations
Accelerate your students reading journey

Accelerate the journey to reading proficiency with Dystutor

Speed up your students’ path to reading proficiency with Dystutor! Seamlessly incorporate personalised reading strategies into your curriculum, a method designed not just to preserve your valuable time, but also to boost your students’ academic journey.

With Dystutor, experience the transformation of your students or entire classrooms into dynamic hubs of deep and enriched learning. Watch as personalised recommendations turn every lesson into a custom-tailored learning experience.

One-click away from personalised recommendations.

Discover the effortless convenience of Dystutor – a single click opens the door to customized reading recommendations, curated specifically from your students’ reading assessments.

Embrace a new era of efficient teaching, where Dystutor does the heavy lifting. We handle the laborious data analysis, liberating you to focus on executing effective teaching strategies. With Dystutor, save precious time, enhance your pedagogical approach, and amplify your students’ learning journey.

Obtain reading recommendation just by clicking the Dystutor button