Data privacy relates to how a piece of information—or data—should be handled based on its relative importance.

For instance, you likely wouldn’t mind sharing your name with a stranger in the process of introducing yourself, but there’s other information you wouldn’t share, at least not until you become more acquainted with that person.


De-identification is the process used to prevent someone’s identity from being revealed.

When you use our screening tool and/or platform, the data collected is de-identified, which means no one, even us, can track who did an assessment based on the data we collected from you.


Data security is a set of standards and technologies that protect data from intentional or accidental destruction, modification or disclosure.

All data we collect is securely stored on hosted servers in Sydney, Australia, using Amazon Web Service cloud.

Our platform uses SSL encryption and regular updates to keep your data safe and secure.

Selling Data

We do not sell your personal information to anyone.

We use your data where necessary to provide the user and/or assessee with access and use of our platform and assessment service.