Our mission

Our mission is to help people with learning disorders reveal their talents through the power of artificial intelligence.

Little girl reading a book


Recognise dyslexia as a different and valuable way of thinking.

Understand the importance of identifying each dyslexic and their pattern of strengths and challenges.

Support dyslexics to harness their strengths and flourish.

We do it through:

Knowledge skilling up staff in schools and workplaces to recognise, understand and support dyslexia.

Discover using digital screeners which make it easy and cost-effective to check if you’re dyslexic.

Adjustments in tests and assignments so dyslexics can demonstrate their full knowledge and skills.

Dystech team

Our team

We are a team of passionate academics, entrepreneurs, and professionals united by a shared goal.

Our research has led us to built screening technology empowering parents, teachers and therapists to assess children with dyslexia and dysgraphia.