Meet Dystech

Our mission:

We have multiple goals but a single purpose: help people with learning differences to reveal their talents through the power of artificial intelligence.

Children doing a dyslexia screening


Recognise learning differences as an alternative and valuable way of thinking.

Understand that every individual is unique and so are their strengths and challenges.

Support our people to harness their strengths and grow.

We do it by:

Upskilling staff in workplaces to recognise, understand and support learning differences.

Utilising technology to empower people when support is needed.

Adjusting how we work within the team so everyone can demonstrate their full potential.

Let's Talk Dyslexia

Sharing is caring:

Dystech is a science-based company, and we share our work by publishing research papers at scientific conferences and in journals.

We collaborate with organisations around the world to widen our perspective and create even more innovative technology.

Meet our team:

We are a team of passionate academics, entrepreneurs, and professionals united by a shared goal.

Our research has led us to build screening technology that empowers parents, teachers and therapists to identify the likelihood that a child is dyslexic, and an ongoing assessment platform that records and tracks a child’s reading abilities across the key components of reading.

Dystech team