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World’s first app screens for Dyslexia in minutes using Artificial Intelligence

Dystech, an Australian start-up that is using the technological power of AI and Machine Learning to solve real-world problems, has created the world’s first app that screens for dyslexia, giving the user a percentage likelihood of having the disorder in just minutes. Individuals with dyslexia have trouble with reading and spelling despite having the ability […]

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Dyslexia and Reaction Time: Why Reading Reaction Time is Important

Dyslexics are arguably some of the most misunderstood people. Despite their innate reading and writing difficulties, they can be as talented and productive as anyone, if not more. In short, dyslexia can affect a person’s reading and writing skills, but that does not affect how smart they really are. According to the Australian Dyslexia Association, […]


How to Thank Your Teacher – 7 Personalised Gift Ideas After a Difficult Year

The year 2020 has most certainly gotten off to an unusual start, which will be talked about for years to come. With mandatory quarantine in place due to COVID-19, teachers have had to learn a new method to be able to teach children online. Parents have also had to learn how to become their children’s […]

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5 Mental health tips for teachers and students

The classroom full of laughter, joking and group time on the carpet has been replaced with news in the background, too many people in the house and the voices of Zoom, Facetime and Skype. The question that arises is how do we keep our mental health in a good place during such a time of […]

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Top Strategies to Support Children with Special Needs During Social Distancing

The current COVID-19 situation around the world has required schools to move to remote education and many people are working from home. This transition can be difficult for everyone, and parents of children with special needs (dyslexia, ADHD, Autism etc..) face unique challenges during this time. If your child has an educational program that includes […]

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4 Homeschool Methods and How to Apply Them During COVID-19

With the Coronavirus (COVID-19) causing widespread school closures, children across the country are being given alternate resources, some online, to study outside of the classroom. Homeschooling refers to the act of teaching children at home, as opposed to in a public school. Depending on where you live, this could look very different. In Australia, for […]

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5 Benefits of Taking Online Courses

Online classes have grown in popularity across the entire country even more now with the coronavirus, as nearly all colleges provide online courses. These classes are often cheaper than attending a traditional classroom at a university while also giving students much more flexibility. These cost savings can rapidly add up and save you a lot […]


Why Measuring Literacy Performance is Important

Malcolm X once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” However, sizeable segments of the world’s population are still illiterate.  According to recent global literacy performance measurement studies, about two-thirds of the world population (roughly 750 million adults) lack the basic arithmetic, reading, and […]

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4 Ways to Encourage a Love of Reading in Young Children

Some children naturally adore reading. Even at a young age, these children sit and look at the pictures in their favourite books rather than play with toys or watch television. Other children are much less enthusiastic; trying to get through a short story with these unexcited readers can be exhausting. If you identify as a […]

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Dyslexia Assessment: What You Need to Know

Despite being acknowledged as one of the most common learning difficulties among children, dyslexia is not easy to assess or diagnose. After all, its symptoms are not always noticeable. The Australian Dyslexia Association (ADA) defines it as a learning difficulty and NOT a learning disability. In other words, a dyslexic student does not have a […]