Illiteracy in 2020 (infographic)

Do you know what affliction affects an estimated 1 billion people across the globe, approximately a seventh of the worlds entire population? Illiteracy. If illiteracy was a health issue it would be deemed an epidemic.

Education Learning strategy

Top Strategies to Support Children with Special Needs During Social Distancing

The current COVID-19 situation around the world has required schools to move to remote education and many people are working from home. This transition can be difficult for everyone, and parents of children with special needs (dyslexia, ADHD, Autism etc..) face unique challenges during this time. If your child has an educational program that includes […]

Assistive Technology

6 Google Chrome Extensions for Students with Special Needs

Because of modern developments, gone are the days when a disability hinders a person’s right to learn in proper settings like schools and universities. Today’s digital technology has paved the way to help struggling students — especially those suffering from Dyslexia — easily access educational materials and help them learn effectively. What does “special needs” mean? Special needs pertain […]