The dyslexic Clinic
The Dyslexic Clinic

The Dyslexic Clinic

A Community Approach to Literacy

The Dyslexic Clinic, led by its founder and director Rebecca Wakeham, is committed to supporting learners globally. With a rich background in Primary Education and Yoshimoto Orton-Gillingham certification, Rebecca brings more than two decades of educational experience to her role. Her decision to specialise in dyslexic instruction stemmed from a passionate drive to enhance support for all learners with dyslexia.

Rebecca’s work goes beyond just tutoring children with dyslexia or those experiencing difficulties with reading, spelling, or writing. She also offers coaching to parents, creating an inclusive community of support. In addition, her vast experience extends to supporting learners with ADHD, ADD, ASD, and anxiety, reflecting a broad commitment to diverse learning needs. Rebecca’s approach is flexible, designed to adapt to a variety of learning styles and personalities.

Why Dystech?

Empowering Remote Learners with Dystech

The use of Dystech’s assessment tools has proven incredibly valuable, particularly for supporting remote learners. Dystech delivers precise and efficient assessments of reading abilities, enabling the provision of bespoke support and intervention.

Rebecca shares, “When I first discovered Dystech, I knew instantly it was the tool I needed to assess my clients and track their progress throughout their reading intervention journey. The parents of my clients value the regular, detailed reports that confirm the reading improvements they witness in their children.”

As Dystech continues to expand its suite of high-quality literacy assessments, Rebecca can now customise her lessons with even more accuracy based on the insights gained from these assessments​.

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