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Episode 1: Kara Di Dio

Ask A Speechy Episode 1

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Questions Kara Answered

Below is the list of questions we ask Kara for this episode:

Does dyslexia help with learning a new language? (4.29min)

There is no research yet suggesting dyslexia to be useful to learn a new language. We are yet to understand fully how dyslexia impacts the learning process in regards to language.

I realise each child is different, but by the age of 2 how many words ideally, should they have? (6.39min)

By 2 ideally, a child should have 50 spoken words. Generally, children will understand a lot more than what they can speak.
Raising Children Network
Speech Pathology Australia

Does having a speech delay show an early sign for being dyslexic? (8.25min)

Speech delay doesn’t mean you have dyslexia. Children with speech delay are more likely to have literacy difficulty whether they are diagnosed with dyslexia or not.

Is there any way when I’m reading to understand better what I’m reading? (12.15min)

There are many technique and technology available. Mind due, different technique and technology may not work for individuals, everyone is different there is no unique way to help you understand better.
Dear Dyslexic

Is there testing to confirm Dysgraphia and with whom can this be assessed? (17.40min)

Occupational Therapist and assesses and provide intervention for Dysgraphia.

What dyslexia app would you use for kids going into high school? (19.20min)

There are multiple apps available to support students with difficulties.
Dragon anywhere
Claro PDF
Clicker Docs 

What are phonic books and should I use them for my kid? (23.55min)

The words in phonics books are words that can be sounded out. Phonics books have levels based on the reader experience, generally, there are 20 levels. It is recommended to use phonic books with your child.
Decodable readers is also another term for phonics book.

Sounds write readers
Little Learners Love Literacy 
SPELD decodable readers – free download 
Decodable readers Australia 

What is a good routine to have as a parent to teach my child how to read? (30.43min)

Read to your child as soon as possible, children model what their parents do. If your child sees you reading they are more likely to be interested in reading.

Who should I see to assess dyspraxia? (34.02min)

A good start would be your general practitioner if you are still seeing the maternal nurse they are also a great resource. Also, a pediatrician can help.

What can I do as a boyfriend to help my girlfriend with her dyslexia? (38.03min)

Open communication. Make sure to be supportive and listen to your partner. Ask questions, being upfront and asking what make them feel good and what frustrate them.

You can find Kara on her website Kara Di Dio Speech Pathology

Kara Di Dio

Kara Di Dio

Kara Di Dio earned her degree through Charles Sturt University and is a certified practicing member of Speech Pathology Australia. Kara has experience working with children across a range of settings including Early Intervention, Hospital, In-home, Schools and Private Practice.

Kara is particularly passionate about Early Intervention and individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

Kara also run her own practice in Traralgon – Gippsland

Kara’s qualifications

  • Auslan TAFE Cert II
  • Key Word Sign
  • Hanen It Takes Two To Talk
  • Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies
  • Sounds-Write (literacy) – Lidcombe Program (stuttering)
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) – PODD book training
  • Applied Behaviour Analysis therapy

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