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Episode 6: Ashraf Samsudin

Ask A Speechy Episode 6

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In this episode, Ashraf is answering the following questions:

  • As a school principal, what can I do to make my school more dyslexic friendly?
  • What teaching approach should a teacher learn to support students with dyslexia?
  • At what age can we start putting support in place for children with dyslexia?
  • How to best support adults in the workplaces with dyslexia from a management perspective?
  • What are the main challenges you see for dyslexics today in society?
  • Comparing Singapore to Australia, have you seen any difference in terms of support for dyslexics?
Ashraf Samsudin

Ashraf Samsudin

Ashraf is the Specialist Education Consultant at SPELD Victoria where he provides, coordinates and develops the organisation’s Educational Services.

Based in Melbourne, Ashraf presents a wide variety of workshops where his presentation style has been described as clear, engaging and fun. He enjoys facilitating sessions where knowledge, experiences and good practice can be shared amongst those that he trains.

Previously, Ashraf spent the last 14 years teaching and coaching students with learning difficulties in Singapore at the Dyslexia Association of Singapore. His last role as the Director of Specialised Education Services has seen him taking the lead in various curriculum development projects; teacher training initiatives; presenting in numerous local and international workshops; and collaborating with educators to implement initiatives in schools to promote inclusivity for students with learning difficulties.

He is a strong advocate for the disadvantaged and has been very active in spreading the awareness of learning difficulties around the world.

Ashraf holds a Master’s Degree in Education and Educational Leadership from Monash University; and a Double Diploma Dyslexia and Teaching & Training from the University of Cambridge, UK.

When Ashraf isn’t presenting, he is listening to classical music, enjoying chocolate and chai lattes, and exploring his new home in Melbourne with his family. 

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