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Episode 3: Jay Hobbs

Ask A Speechy Episode 3

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What is the most common trait you encounter in children with dyslexia? (5.30min)

Some of the positive traits for dyslexia is creativity and being able to connect with people. On the other hand, generally dyslexic have very low self-confidence.

How long does a dyslexia diagnosis take? (14.30min)

A full diagnosis for dyslexia is administered by an educational psychologist and take on average 4 hours. On top of formal assessment, there are discussions with schools and parents to understand the wider context of the individual difficulties.

What can I do to help my child with dyslexia in his workplace? (22.50min)

Workplace assessment would is a good thing to start. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses. As parent, find what your child is passionate about and set goals for them to get closer to what they enjoy. Use motivation as a driver.

Is online intervention working? (28.20min)

Yes, online intervention help and can facilitate support. However, in-person intervention seems to be better.

As a teacher, what can I do to support students with dyslexia? (34min)

Believe in the child, telling them you believe in them will help them build their self-confidence. But also, if you notice a child has difficulties, tell somebody about it in your school.

Is dyslexia covered by NDIS? (36.50min)

Dyslexia is not clearly covered by NDIS, however specific support procedures can be covered. Also, mental health issues caused by dyslexia can be covered by NDIS.

Ask A Speechy Jay Hobbs

Jay Hobbs

Psychologist Jay (Jamon) Hobbs is the CEO and the driving force behind Thriving Now. Jay has a Master of Professional Psychology and has worked with adults and adolescents in Australia and the UK for the last 17 years. Jay works to identify the challenges an individual is having with functioning at home, work or school and provides high-quality assessment and support.

Jay has extensive experience with children as a teacher, regional autism consultant and psychologist. His particular expertise is with assessment and support in children, adolescents and adults with Dyslexia, ADHD or Autism.

He has conducted research through the Autism CRC focusing on school-based social supports using LEGO Robots. Jay has a particular passion for finding a child or adults strengths and empowering them to overcome their challenges.

Jay also works with Thriving Now support workers who work with clients in the community.

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