Episode 3: Jay Hobbs

Ask A Speechy Jay Hobbs

Jay Hobbs

Psychologist Jay (Jamon) Hobbs is the CEO and the driving force behind Thriving Now. Jay has a Master of Professional Psychology and has worked with adults and adolescents in Australia and the UK for the last 17 years. Jay works to identify the challenges an individual is having with functioning at home, work or school and provides high-quality assessment and support.

Jay has extensive experience with children as a teacher, regional autism consultant and psychologist. His particular expertise is with assessment and support in children, adolescents and adults with Dyslexia, ADHD or Autism.

He has conducted research through the Autism CRC focusing on school-based social supports using LEGO Robots. Jay has a particular passion for finding a child or adults strengths and empowering them to overcome their challenges.

Jay also works with Thriving Now support workers who work with clients in the community.