Episode 14: Mark Francis Long

Mark Francis Long

Mark Francis Long

At the age of 6, I was diagnosed with dyslexia while growing up in California, Bay Area. I went through many hard years of training and learning to overcome my disability. Through hard work and a lot of spell check, I have graduated with a BA in Media & Communication and have been working as a strategist in global advertising agencies for over ten years. Unfortunately, during this time, I have kept my greatest strength hidden from my peers out of fear of potential judgment.

Then last year, amid the first coronavirus lockdown 2020, my wife Tereza and I embarked on a venture we have been contemplating for many years — a modern dyslexia awareness campaign to empower the global community, especially the young working professionals (Millennials and GenZ). And therefore, I AM LEX was born.

As a LEX millennial myself, hiding throughout my career, I wanted to come out of my shell with something creative, something all LEX like myself would proud to identify with. I felt so uninspired by the lack of innovation around dyslexia awareness and the many misconceptions the topic has been ridden with, so I decided to change it. 

The LEX movement aims to educate the general public, break stereotypes, and shift paradigms with a clean slate. A cutting-edge new identity that focuses on genius over inability and adapts to the trends of the 21st century. It’s time to make us visible and heard, it’s time to entice and empower the future working force and the world!

No more hiding!