Episode 13: Lydia Allen

Lydia Allen

Lydia Allen

A dyslexia interventionist, certified by International Dyslexia Association, Lydia also holds certificates from The Academy of Orton Gillingham, and Bright Solutions for Dyslexia.

Distinctions include being appointed to the State Campaign for Grade-Level Reading in 2019, joining the committee’s Conceptual Framework subcommittee in 2020, and co-authoring the Conceptual Framework – Science of Reading statewide resource for parents and educators. In 2020, Lydia launched JUMP Reading, an online reading clinic that serves struggling and dyslexic readers.

JUMP Reading is dedicated to helping children become independent readers and learners by bringing the parents, teachers, principals to the table to create team. By creating a support system while providing reading intervention, we create a supportive environment for our children!

Lydia is passionate about improving literacy and establishing accessible dyslexia therapy.