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Episode 12: Michal Ricca

Ask A Speechy Episode 12

Michal Ricca

Michal Ricca

With research validated practice and over twenty years of experience, Michal G. Ricca, M.Ed. has supported over 1,000 students gain 2-5 grade levels in their reading and writing skills. Michal is the Founder & CEO of NowICANread and her new and exciting venture of ReaDefy Learning. She holds an Advanced Teaching Masters of Education from Northwestern University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education, and has over twenty years experience working with students with all types of learning styles and differences.

Michal pulls from many sources to individualize instruction, but her foundation is the Orton-Gillingham technique. Orton-Gillingham has been utilized for over 50 years and is multi-sensory, systematic, structured, sequential, cumulative, and success-oriented.

Michal believes that every child has the fundamental right to read and write well. Quite simply put, she loves what she does. Being a parent of a child with dyslexia and being engulfed in the world for the last 20 years has led her to her next great venture!

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