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Episode 2: Adam Parker

Ask A Speechy Episode 2

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What does a school Psychologist do? (1.40min)

School psychologists are the leading mental health expert in school. They can assist children, young people, families and teachers to support a young person to get the best out of life at school.

Can you help children with literacy problem? (4min)

School psychologist focuses more on the emotional side of learning differences. Specialised teachers are more focused on academic support.

What is the most common struggle you encounter in children? (7min)

Anxiety is very common. Anxiety can have different causes, it could be something at home or at school that could cause a child to have anxiety.

How do I build my child confidence? (9.20min)

Give praise for the intent, even if it’s not perfect or right. Also, use disclosure, talk about yourself to your child, tell your child it is ok to make mistake.

Are parents involved in Therapy? (12.30min)

It really depends on the situation. Sometituation can be resolved within the school context, however other important situation may involve parents and family.

My child struggle at school, what can I do to make him feel better? (15.15min)

Talk to your child about their feeling. Try to understand why your child is feeling that way. It is important as a parent to discuss feeling so the child has a place to talk.

Do every school in the U.S have a school psychologist? (20.20min)

It depends on the district, but generally, there are psychologists in schools. The National Association of School Psychologists association highly recommends having 1 school psychologist per 500 children.

What is the difference between a school psychologist and a specialised teacher? (23.30)

Specialised Education teacher does a lot of academic work and teaching. On the other hand, school psychologist works on the emotion and feeling sides of the child.

Is screen time good or bad for children? (25.25min)

Screen time in some context can be really good. However, making sure adult and children have time off the screen is important. For example, have dinner without phones or devices from 6 to 8, this will enable positive family times.

What’s your thought on the impact of COVID on our children education? (36.30min)

School should focus on the mental state of children when reopening. Everyone has been impacted by a coronavirus and mental health has been in the centre of it, schools will play a critical role in making sure children mental health are positive when coming back to school.

Adam Parker

Adam Parker

Adam is a School Psychologist in Colorado. He has a wide range of experiences including teaching at the university level, working in elementary, middle and high schools. His role is to provide intervention to ensure student success and promote an exemplary education program fostering achievement for all students.

Adam is a member of the National Association of School Psychologists and graduated from the University of Northern Colorado.

He is also a member of the district crisis team and uses music to make social-emotional relatable. He has been playing the guitar and drums for over 15 years and loves making social-emotional lessons musical and exciting.

With over 8 years of experience in schools, universities and private practice, it is time for you to ask Adam your questions.

Make sure to check out Adam’s youtube chanel.

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