Saving you 2 hours per student of reading assessment time.

Dyscover combines 2-hours of traditional paper-based reading assessments into a 10-minutes online reading test and can be administered without required certifications.

No credit card required

Dyscover online reading assessment

Supporting literacy professionals

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Inform Intervention Targets

Dyscover, Dystech online reading assessment platform, identify gaps for a differentiated teaching approach to enhance student engagement. Reassess monthly for feedback and gain insight into trends.

Dyscover Saves You Time

In minutes, gain dynamically normed data and accurate reading measurements with immediate results providing unbiased data that provides and promotes consistency in reporting between literacy professionals.

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Track Progress & Reassess Monthly

Dyscover clearly maps student tendencies to track growth and progress monthly. Dyscover draws 48 words from over 1500, so no assessment will be identical. Check out all the features of Dyscover

Evidence-Based Assessment

Utilising machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, Dyscover’s results are rigorous, objective and provide a summative assessment of 6 key reading measurements: Word Reading Fluency, Sight Word Fluency, Phonetic Decoding Fluency, Reading Accuracy, Syllabication, and the Dyscreen Dyslexia Screener. 

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Seamless Sharing

Print, email or share cohort data for moderation in planning sessions and meetings. Seamless sharing allows for a collaborative response to data from multiple collaborators for a combined approach between specialists, schools and families.