Let’s Talk Dyslexia

Let's Talk Dyslexia

Let’s talk Dyslexia

Yes, we did it!
This last Saturday was really crazy… waking up at 6 am, rushing everywhere to get tea, coffee, microphones, video, chairs, flyers, etc… Yes, it was the day of Gippsland’s first conference on dyslexia featuring speakers Rhonda Campbell, Shae Wissell and Prof. Gilles Richard.

Objective: Encouraging awareness for dyslexics, their families, employers, educators and assisting professionals and showing how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can leverage the current assessment process.
Rhonda provided the audience with a clear understanding of dyslexia, the symptoms, the learning difficulties and the way to escape! Shae, through her personal experience, made people aware of the difficult life of a young dyslexic girl, showcasing her long journey from primary school
to… Business Woman of the year 2019.
Ultimately Gilles, the tech guy, comparing with successful apps for health, describes the way Dystech is working to provide an intelligent assessment tool available on a mobile phone.

At the end of the talks, a lot of questions, some answers… and a lot of enthusiasm for another event like this!

And you know what? After a friendly lunch at Cafe Aura (Traralgon) with the speakers, interested people and the team Carmel, Jim, Hugo and Gilles (Mathieu missed his flight in Paris to join…joking !), we got into the car, driving from Traralgon to Wodonga where Kate and her team from Multisensory Language Education (MSL), accredited by Australia Dyslexia Association (ADA), was waiting for us to collect data… Yes, data is the fuel of AI.

Finally, you know what? ADA is the first name of …ADA LOVELACE, who can be considered as the first computer scientist woman! This is a strong sign that AI can do something for dyslexia …and Dystech is working hard on it.

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