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Dyscover features


Pinpoint where your students stand with our reporting capabilities.


Get real-time student reading data in one place.

Detailed reports

Comprehensive reports, including descriptions and materials for each measurement, each time you assess.

Track student progress

Automatically track your students' performance over time.


Track how many active students your team is handling. Rebalance workloads to keep staff and students happy.


Keep track of your students' intervention sessions by adding tasks, lessons plans, deadlines and more, under each individual profile.

Admin controls

Create and manage teams and team settings to ensure that everyone has access to the right information.


Invite your team members and assign students to them.

Data security

Easily export or delete data from Dystech. Your data is secured and backed up on a separate server in Australia.

Team management

Designate organisation administrators who can remove and manage members and their roles.


Communicate key information with anyone at the right time.

Share reports

Easily share student reading reports with anyone.

Remote assessment

Administer reading assessments remotely.

Dyscover remote reading assessment

Student archive

Archive students you no longer work with, without losing access to their reports if needed.