How to Thank Your Teacher – 7 Personalised Gift Ideas After a Difficult Year

The year 2020 has most certainly gotten off to an unusual start, which will be talked about for years to come. With mandatory quarantine in place due to COVID-19, teachers have had to learn a new method to be able to teach children online.

Parents have also had to learn how to become their children’s teacher with little preparation. It has become much more difficult for teachers to be able to connect with their students, and now parents have a glimpse into the routine of teaching children virtually at home and the frustrations it can bring.

Now that parents can understand what it is like to have the responsibility of developing thirty children’s education, it is clear that teachers deserve thanks and appreciation. Here are a few ideas for how you and your child’s class can pitch in and thank your child’s teacher after a challenging year.

Tote bags

Teachers have a lot of supplies to transport to, from, and all-around their schools. Take some weight off their shoulders and get them a cute patterned tote bag. If you know what brand the teacher loves, you can find a bag from there. If not, choose something that you think fits their style. Add some splashes of colour to their life with something they can use.


Most teachers receive lanyards from the schools they work in, but often they are not personalised or very fashionable. Many stores sell pretty lanyards that can go with any outfit and give a personal flair to the daily routine of any teacher.


Be honest, you are drinking it right now too. Get your teachers a bottle of the good stuff so they can sip it and relax after a long day of trying to teach their students over the internet. After a long day of hectic Zoom meetings, your teacher can kick back with a glass and relax.

Gift Cards

Teachers need pampering too. Consider having your child’s class, get together and pitch in for a gift card from the class. Whether it is for a spa day, coffee fund, local restaurants, or a trip to the movies, their teacher will love a chance to be able to take some time for themselves and their favourite things.

Gift Basket

Know a few of your teacher’s favourite things? Gather them up and create a personalised gift basket so they can open up a complete care package of their favourite sweets, books, activities, drinks, self-care products, and more things to brighten their day. School supplies can be a great addition as well, such as cleaning supplies or writing tools.

Custom Made Gift

Give something that your teacher can cherish because it was personally made for him/ her. You can go online to websites such as Etsy and order adorable personalised gifts such as a wine glass, coffee mug or tumbler, tote bag, and so many other options. They will love it because it has their name all over it!

Event tickets

Why not give your teacher a night out on the town. Know their favourite band or musician? Maybe a favourite comedian is coming into town. Gather funds collectively for tickets to a local event so your teacher can enjoy a fun night out dancing and laughing.

This school year has obviously been unlike any in history. Make sure you find the perfect gift for the teachers who have worked with your children through it all.

By Dystech Editorial Team

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