Dyslexia Support Letter Template

Generate a free dyslexia support letter to give to your school about your child reading difficulty

We are providing a free support letter template for parents. The letter is to facilitate initial conversation between parents and schools about a child likelihood of dyslexia.

Reading child


Do a dyslexia screening

Scissor and envelope


Obtain your support letter

School support letter


Start talking to your school

Things to know

You are required to have received a screening result from our screening tool. As we recommend attaching the screening result with your letter.

The letter is targeted to the school your child is attending. It will be addressed to either a principal or a teacher.

The letter does not constitute medical advice. Its usage is for communication purpose to start an initial conversation about your child difficulty.

We cannot guaranty your child will receive support, however, starting a conversation is always a good start.

Letter Template Form

Make sure to attach your screening result as a supportive document of your support letter.