Online dyslexia test for your child

Dyscreen dyslexia report

Literacy does matter

As a parent of a struggling reader, it can be difficult to know what to do about it, leaving you both feeling anxious and stressed.

Dystech empowers parents to access tangible data that informs them via a written report of the likelihood that their child is dyslexic and requires literacy support.

3 step process

Step 1.

Provide us with the date of birth of your child.

Step 2.

Words will be displayed on the screen. Have your child read them aloud.

Step 3.

Our technology will analyse the voice recording of your child and provide an assessment.

It’s good to see Dystech is taking an objective approach and getting a screening where they can say, yes, a child is at higher risk of having dyslexia. It gives us reassurance that you can go on, not relying on people around you, to go further with your assessments and be confident and comfortable to do that as well.



With you all the way.

If the screening results come back with a high likelihood of dyslexia, simply download our free support letter template to initiate discussion and support with your school.

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What happens after the assessment?

Start a conversation with your child’s school using our support letter. Your child may need appropriate support and interventions put in place, or require further detailed assessment.

Here are some tips:

  • Check your specific department of education website for resources on learning difficulties
  • Contact your local dyslexia association
  • Ask your school for guidance
  • Join dyslexia support groups (many online) and ask questions
  • Visit the International Dyslexia Association for more information