Parent support letter template

Dyslexia parents support letter template

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Generate a letter for your school.

We are providing a free support letter template for parents. The letter is to facilitate an initial conversation between parents and schools about your child’s likelihood of dyslexia.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1.

Administer our Dyscreen dyslexia screening online.

Step 2.

If the risk of dyslexia is high or moderate, use our letter template.

Step 3.

Initiate disucssions with your school for support.

Things to know

If the Dyscreen dyslexia screener indicates the likelihood of dyslexia for your child, we recommend attaching the report to the parent support letter before you send it.

The letter is targeted towards the school your child is attending and will be addressed to either a principal or a teacher.

The letter does not constitute medical advice. It’s designed for communication purposes in order to start the initial conversation about your child’s difficulties.

Teacher supporting dyslexic children

We cannot guarantee your child will receive school support, however, initiating a conversation is always a good start.

Parent support letter template