Become An Accredited Assessor

Dystech accredited assessor

Assessor accreditation

Dystech accreditation endorses an individual or organisation who has met our requirements indicating a strong understanding and knowledge base of the Dyscover assessment platform and its results.

Dystech accreditation is relevant for both schools and allied health professionals.

How to become accredited?

To become an accredited assessor, you need to book a time with our team (45 minutes). You will need an active Dyscover account with at least 1 active student. If you simply want to learn about Dyscover you can book a demo.

We will verify that you:

  • Understand how to administer an assessment using Dyscover
  • Understand how the reporting processes work
  • Understand what the reporting capabilities indicate
  • Are able to confidently navigate the platform
  • Demonstrate competent knowledge and a basic understanding of Dystech’s assessment technology
  • Underwent a complete onboarding of the Dystech assessment platform

Please note that Dystech endorses the accredited use of the Dyscover assessment platform only and not the following intervention or support supplied by the individual or organisation. 

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