Hugo Richard

Hugo Richard

I believe all problems have solutions. Sometimes they take a long time to find, but with advances in technology and artificial intelligence (AI), suddenly our human brains and problem-solving capabilities are far less limited. We can now solve problems faster and more efficiently using technology – that is something I am very passionate about.

In 2018 I co-founded Dystech to develop technology to empower educators to easily screen for dyslexia and assess reading performance. We use AI to recognise patterns and provide an accurate probability of dyslexia from age 8 and up and reading performance for age 6 and up.

I am dyslexic. I know the power and the promise of early detection and the profound impact that can have on a person’s life. It is our aim to get this tool into the hands of as many allied health practitioners, educators and parents as possible to ensure this first step – detection – is as quick and accessible as possible. Then the support and interventions can begin.

My passion for AI and past work includes the application of image recognition and natural language processing techniques, which my team uses to solve real-world problems. I’ve worked on diverse AI projects and startups in France, the UK and Australia.

I want to create more awareness around how computer science and AI could ultimately enable the creation of reliable tools to positively impact children from all over the world.