Prof. Gilles Richard

Gilles Richard

Ph.D. Computer Science, Ph.D. Maths, Gilles brings over 30 years experience in artificial intelligence. He spent 10 years as Head of Innovation for the British Institute of Technology – UK with countless publications to his name. He is also Prof. of Computer Sciences at Toulouse University (France), lecturing in Machine Learning, AI and programming languages like Python and JAVA. Gilles also delivers seminars (Logic, GAN, autoML) within his research team AOC (

Gilles is a reviewer of BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making journal (Part of Springer Nature –, publishing original research articles in relation to the use of technologies for decision-making in human health. As such, he is well aware of cutting edge technologies to assist medical diagnosis, especially AI-based techniques.

His capability of understanding complex problems helps us move forward with a solid foundation of experience.